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If you’re hoping to get a better job or higher degree, the GED is recognized and accepted by nearly all U.S. colleges, employers, and universities. Passing the GED exam can give you better opportunities for work in the future. The HiSET exam is a five-part test that states use in the process of issuing a high school equivalency credential. The exam allows you to show you have the same academic knowledge and skills as a high school graduate and information from the exam also helps to identify areas in which you are career and college ready, as well as areas in which additional preparation may be needed.


Learn math concepts, measurements, equations, and applying math to solve real-life problems.


Learn reading and writing concepts, including grammar.


Learn to apply American social studies concepts, know how to read graphs and charts displaying social studies data, and use reasoning to interpret information.


Learn to understand science concepts, know how to read graphs and charts displaying scientific data, and use reasoning to interpret science information.


(HiSET Only) These basic education courses for high school are adaptive so the student only sees skills they have not already mastered.


KnowledgeU offers courses that prepare adults for job interviews, future education, and provide insight to choose a career path.

  • Investigating Careers Course
    In this course, students are introduced to various aspects of the workplace and are given guidance in career preparation. This includes guidance toward becoming work-ready, for job acquisition skills, for continued training for job advancement, and for work-life balance.
  • Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance Course 
    This course takes a comprehensive look at business disciplines such as analyzing goods versus services, economics, financial management, principles of personal finance, marketing, the global economy, and government in business.

  • Business Management Course
    Students will examine evolving views of management with an emphasis on leadership, business ethics, organizational structures, decision-making processes, legal matters, personal habits and team building.

  • Entrepreneurship Course
    The Entrepreneurship course is designed to grow the student’s passion for starting, growing, and excelling in business ventures.

  • Virtual Business Course
    The Virtual Business course guides students through the basics of starting, operating, and managing an online company.
  • Advertising Course 
    The Advertising course teaches the principles and practices of advertising as an integral part of marketing communication.

  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing Course
    In Sports and Entertainment Marketing, students will explore the foundational elements of marketing as they pertain to the sports and entertainment industries.
  • Accounting I
    In Accounting I, students will learn a basic overview of the different functions in accounting. This includes rules for financial reporting and the parts of the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of stockholders’ equity and retained earnings.

  • High School Personal Finance Course
    The Personal Finance course introduces students to strategies and practices that empower them to manage their money wisely.
  • Human Resources Management Course (HRM)
    In this course, students will discover the role of the human resource manager. They will define the role, as well as policies, procedures, and legal requirements within the role.
  • Principles of Human Services Course
    This course enables students to investigate careers in human services including counseling, mental health, early childhood development, family and community, and personal care services.

  • Child Development Course
    Child Development prepares students to understand the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth and development of children.

  • Counseling & Mental Health Course 
    The course covers general topics for personal and professional development (soft skills), such as time management, critical thinking, and problem-solving, communication, team building, ethics, and character. It also focuses on many mental health topics, including the history of mental health care, modern mental health care systems, the nervous system, mental health across life stages, stress, depression, and other mental disorders.
  • Medical Terminology Course 
    Medical Terminology is a course for students with an interest in the medical field. This course provides students with knowledge of Latin and Greek roots, prefixes, and suffixes in addition to combining forms and eponymous terms related to the many systems of the human body.

  • Medical Microbiology Course
    Medical Microbiology explores the world of tiny (micro) organisms that are responsible for making people sick. Students learn about the common bacteria, viruses, and protists that cause sickness and disease in humans.

  • Principles of Health Science Course
    The course covers healthcare systems and the roles of team members within these institutions. The course has many opportunities for students to explore the various careers within the healthcare field.
  • High School Web Communications Course (Half Year Course)
    Students learn the rights, responsibilities, and tools used for digital communication. Using the knowledge gained in the course, students write with HTML coding elements, fundamentals of web design and building a simple webpage.

  • Video Game Design Course
    Video Game Design is a course designed to help students develop skills for planning, designing, and completing development of an original video game.
  • Principles of Government and Public Administration (PGPA)
    This course introduces students to careers in public policy. PGPA explores government from the perspective of government and private-sector employees as well as elected officials.

  • World Health Research Course
    Introduces students to the various risk factors people face globally. The course shows how health outcomes in developed nations differ from those in developing nations.
  • Principles of Educations and Training Course 
    Students will study the roles and responsibilities of teachers, administrators, and administrative support professionals. Students will analyze the characteristics, qualities, and traits of highly successful educators.


This course will prepare you to take each section of the U.S. Citizenship Test and it will cover topics such as Civics, the U.S. Government, History, Geography, Reading, and Writing. It will also cover tips on how to study for the test and how to most effectively prepare yourself for the test.


All of KnowledgeU’s courses are available in the language the user determines based on web browser settings. A text to speech feature is built into all courses to add in language acquisition. Participants can begin their language instruction at their level from beginning phonics to reading for comprehension. The “work at your pace” program allows participants to set their customized path and comfort level.


KnowledgeU provides customized Professional Development options to ensure that users are confident with the platform.


KnowledgeU’s model boasts a proven track record of success with students seeking credit recovery, engaging advanced students, homeschool curriculum, bridging learning gaps, and increasing graduation rates.


With both online and printed materials in core and elective subjects, KnowledgeU’s curriculum fills in learning gaps by using a student’s strengths to address his or her weaknesses.


Helps students be challenged and stay engaged using modern learning tools that allows advanced students to work at their own pace.


The adaptable program can monitor a student’s progress, identify learning needs and track mastery of their skills.


Through the customization features, KnowledgeU can be adapted to fit the needs of each learning style and address learning gaps in real-time.


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